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Born in France, I am a self-taught guitarist and I’ve been playing for over 30 years. I wanted to express myself freely through my music. To achieve this, I have explored many techniques and music styles from Rock, Blues and Pop to Latin, Flamenco, African music and more.

I often use improvisation to capture the moment. A slow start to the tune and a dark venue with good acoustics are the ingredients needed for my inspiration to flourish. All the skills, techniques and knowledge I accumulated through practising with my guitar come together in this magical moment when I become one with the sound and where consciousness of time and space disappear.



Born in Nicaragua, brought up in Italy, I have always been fond of music; however the opportunity to learn a proper instrument that wasn't a recorder only arose when I came to London. This is where I met JP, who taught me all I know about guitar.

I was very surprised when he later asked me to join him in a duo for his project “Music in the dark”, but I was ready and excited about taking on this new challenge.





JP & Xochitl as a Duo

Following the enthusiastic response from the audience at the first Music in the dark show, and the demand for more, JP & Xochitl formed in May 2013. The Duo’s performance received much acclaim during their premiere as they took their audience by surprise with their captivating tunes and the diversity of their musical palette.

The duo has developed its own unique style: a fusion of Arabic, Spanish and Gypsy music. Evocative and intimate but also fiery and passionate, their music is ideally suited for an unforgettable ‘Music in the dark’ experience.